So, you’ve decided to take up juicing, and it’s getting serious. You’ve moved past your grandma’s orange, plastic strainer and past your bargain juicer that just isn’t cutting it. Literally, it’s stopped cutting the fruit, hasn’t it? Then it’s time. You’re ready to upgrade, and we’ve got the scoop to help you find the best juicers on the market. After this, you’ll be ready to make an investment into a high-quality machine to keep your juices smooth and your healthful lifestyle on track!

Versatile Slow Juicing With Unique Designbest juicers on the market

It looks unlike any other juicer on the market, with its squatty, horizontal spout and suction cup legs, but it is a high-performer in its own right. The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer features auto-pulp ejection and a low speed for ‘slow’ juicing without heat, foam, or froth. It uses a unique juicing process with two steps of pressing to completely squeeze every last drop of juice out of the pulp.

The most surprising feature of this juicer is its ability to act as a food processor of sorts. Its nozzle attachment can crush almonds and cashews to make nut milks and nut butters, process fruits and vegetables into baby food, mince herbs and garlic for fresh cooking, and even press edible grasses like wheatgrass for a real in-home juice bar experience.

It’s available online and at retailers for around $300, and comes with a 15-year warranty. Its multipurpose functionality makes it a great choice for anyone spending more than a few minutes daily in the kitchen.

Solid Construction Makes A Superb Appliance

top rated juicersIn most kitchens, counter space is limited, and only the eye candy of the appliances are left out in permanent spots. (This means you’re back in the cabinets, greasy waffle maker!) We found one juicer with a design so sleek, you’ll want to design your whole kitchen around it. The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite can be found as low as $180 on sale online, but its average retail price of $299 is worth every penny for the solid machinery.

Here’s what you’ll get for the price: 2 speeds powered by 1,000 watts of motor power, steel body and parts, including a titanium mesh strainer, and an adjustable locking arm, which stabilizes the machine as it’s working. The juicer can fit 3” worth of fruits and vegetables into its feed at a time, so there’s less prepping and cutting in the kitchen.

Whole Fruits for Big, Slow Pressed Batchesbest juicers

If you’re looking for maximum health benefits and a beautiful, centerpiece appliance combined, then consider the SKG New Generation Wide Mouth Anti-oxidative Slow Masticating Juicer. This machine is as top of the line as it gets for slow juicers, but its features variate away from the small portions that most slow juicers can make at a time. Going big at home isn’t a problem for the SKG.

With this juicer, you can keep fruits and vegetables in large chunks, if not whole, and the pressing process keeps the juice sealed in a chamber until you release it to drink it. This is for minimum oxidation, so you can make a large batch of juice without having to bottle and refrigerate small portions immediately.

The SKG New Generation is available in a deep red color, and has a sturdy handle design for easy transportation and stabilization. It retails for $300-$450, making it a top shelf option for juice fiends.
Just Like In The Shop… Only In Your Pajamas

The folks at Jamba Juice made a name for themselves as one of the premier juice and smoothie chain stores in the US. So, if you could snag a machine that the pros use, would you? Store managers must have grown tired of in-store bidding wars over their kitchen machines, because Jamba Appliances now offer their own line of juicers!

The Jamba Appliances Centrifugal Juice Extractor (67901) is a beast of a machine. It’s built for efficiency and speed, and has the largest feed mouth on the market, eating fruits of up to 3.5” whole. Even better, this appliance, which is a bargain at $150, comes with a froth-separating pitcher and a recipe book so you can make your regular Jamba order without stepping out of your house.

A Style For Every Juice Lover

Whether you subscribe to low heat, gentle pressed, slow juicing, or don’t mind zipping whole fruits into your high-powered double pressing batch juicer, the juicing appliance market has a perfect match for every kitchen need. Once you get your hands on the perfect juicer for your lifestyle and juice preferences, there’s no stopping your trek toward healthy drinking!